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Float My Boat!

For many travelers, cruising is the only way to go. And why not? Besides being a special experience, cruising is the ultimate in ease and comfort. Think of cruising as a floating hotel that follows you from port to port with all the services a discriminating traveler would want. No need to pack and repack or wonder where you’re going to stay or which restaurant is best. All you need to do is relax and have fun.

If you’ve been considering a cruise, let Diana Travel & Tours help you decide. Are you thinking of sailing the Greek Isles, floating on the Norwegian fjords, cruising the Canadian coast to Alaska? How about a sea excursion to Mexico or the Caribbean? There are the great rivers of the world to explore, too. A trip down the romantic Danube or China’s ancient Yantzee or our own mighty Mississippi?

The world or cruises is enormous, filled with endless possibilities and choices. There’s so much to know about a cruise vacation, so let us – the experts – help you. No matter where you want to go or the size of your budget, Diana Travel & Tours will put their expertise to work for you, and – it won’t cost you an extra penny! For the cruise of a lifetime with great memories to share, contact Diana Travel & Tours.