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Last Minute & Weekend Trips

Gotta Go Now!

You’ve been working hard and decide to just pack up and chill out somewhere for a week or two. Or you both realize you deserve to spend that long weekend away from it all. And, how about that golf get-away a few states away? No matter what the reason, Diana Travel & Tours is at your service. Make that quick service!

Diana Travel & Tours has a multitude of last-minute packages and special deals waiting for you. Always wanted to visit Graceland or hit a Bermuda beach? Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to go, we’ll search our extensive database of extraordinary possibilities to get you going in a hurry.

We have enticing special offers to many short and longer-term vacations, hot deals and last-minute discounts on flights and hotels. And, we’ll find you a great car rental, too.

Diana Travel & Tours for the best “let’s go today!” travel!